There are many countries that you can consider to go for your travel but you are having a hard time choosing between them. You do not need to worry as we will give you some tips on what country you can visit and what you can find there.

The largest country in South America, Brazil. It has ranked as the number one most recommended places to visit as you can find amazing landscape, a famous carnival and big events of football.

Italy. It boasts of a cultural and heritage experience and learning and a place to experience extreme sports.

Spain. A place where you can find friendly people and where you can have plenty of diverse experience.

Thailand. Now famous for its beach parties that are mostly described as wild together with its natural scenic spots around the country. The islands are best to have a diving experience that you will not be disappointed. If you love water and beach and parties then you can head to this country. for your vacation.

Greece. Even if it has a problem like the country of Italy in terms of politics but it did not affect much the attractions they can offer. This country is a place where you can experience rock climbing and cycle at its best.

New Zealand. A country where you can have fun trying bungee jumping, snowboarding, and hiking to experience its natural landscapes and explore its beauty and majesty that you might have seen in pictures.

If you have not found yet what you want then you can browse more on this site. the first image on this page is in Brazil and the second is Thailand.