When you want to travel it is also good if you will go to a place where you will experience things that interests you. If you like swimming, you can go to places that have the sea so you can be able to explore and have your adventure. You can also add to your activities other water activities like surfing, kayaking, snorkeling, and others. With the criteria set you can find a place that has the activities. If you have more time you can add other activities like shopping.

If you like going to a museum then you can choose a place where they have many museums that have different subjects. There are museums that feature artworks that are contemporary or museum that houses artifacts or the ones that focus on science and technology. You can add other activities to it like going to music festivals or visiting heritage sites like structures. Or you can find what are the activities that are offered in the places where you went for a museum visit.

If you like food then you can use that criterion. Ask yourself what kind of food you like to try. If you find European food or Asian food then you can get make another criterion to use to narrow down the list of countries in the continent you have chosen. You can add the criteria on what language you want to learn and if you like the food there. If it matches then you can choose that place.