Know the Daily Routine of a Tour Manager

What is the job of a Tour Manager? We can simply think that he is a person who manages everything in a tour. A tour manager is someone who manages the transportation, schedule, and all the fees or financial aspects of an artist or a music band before and during travel. It is the job or career description of a tour manager.  He is the one who ensures the safety of all the music band members.

All the matters regarding the tour including the accommodation, transportation, and other money matters are in the hands of a Tour Manager. The schedule of a tour manager is actually hectic. So he is prone to stress. But, a tour manager should always be able to work under pressure.

Let us look into the daily life of a tour manager. Since he usually have a busy or hectic schedule, can he take a rest in a day? From early in the morning until late at night or until the tour ends, there is no break time or rest day for a tour manager.

So, do you have any plan to have a career as a Tour Manager? It’s actually a stressful job. But, it is not to dismay you or something. You can still enjoy that kind of job as long as you have an ear for music and you can really work under pressure. As shown in the infographic above, the daily life or routine of a tour manager is a stressful day. He needs to do a lot of things in a day.